AAA Quench Oil

AAA QUENCH OIL is designed to provide maximum cooling rates for austenitized steels. You can use AAA QUENCH OIL with confidence. Your parts will achieve maximum oil quenched hardness with minimum distortion or breakage. AAA QUENCH OIL will produce exceptionally clean work when used in the recommended temperature range.

No matter what the temperature or the austenitized medium, AAA QUENCH OIL will not saponify or separate, neither can the intensifiers be filtered out. The low viscosity maximizes uniformity of quench throughout a batch load and minimizes drag-out. Moreover, this quenching oil drains well and is easily washed from the work, where necessary. If left on, it provides a thin film of protection from rust.

*Our products are Park!  Park was brought by Heatbath in 1992 and Heatbath was bought by DuBois in 2015. Our current 50 Quench Oil is the same formula that Park made when they were independent

5 Gallon Pail

$251.21  (CAD)

Click here to view and download the Material safety data sheet for AAA Quenchant Oil.

AAA QUENCH OIL can be used as a quench from any heating medium and is especially suitable for developing maximum oil-quenched hardnesses in medium and low alloy steels. It is widely used as a quenching medium for carbonitrided work where uniform quenching rates and clean, easily washed work are so important. 

Without proper agitation and cooling a risk of fire exists.  Operate only using “Bath Parameters”! 

Bath Parameters 

Temperature:    130 – 160°F (open tank operation) 
  100 – 130°F (vacuum operation) 
  200°F Max (under protective atmosphere)  
Velocity:    > 100 FPM   
Time:    As required for appropriate metallurgical transformation   

Typical Properties  

  Appearance:    Light Amber Oil   
  Viscosity @ 100°F:    14.0 – 19.3 cSt   
  Hot Wire @ 140°F:    > 33 amps   
  Nickel Ball Time:   9 – 11 seconds   
  Flash Point:    > 340°F   


Weight 18.234 kg
Dimensions 27.94 × 27.94 × 34.29 cm
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