Cast Steel Anvil 100lbs

This Anvil is a classic London Pattern face and horn. Cast Steel with a hardness of 53 – 54 RC that makes it durable and tough. 11/16 Hardy Hole (easily forged from 3/4” square bar) 1/2″ pritchel-hole. 12×4 Flat face, over all 20” long, 9×9 footprint.

$644.95  (CAD)

Why Tool Steel? Because of durability and superior performance with better hammer return. Tool Steel reflects energy back up to the surface whereas, Cast Iron absorbs and dissipates the energy. The more work you can accomplish per heat means the less time it will take to complete your project, and the more efficient you will work.

This is a great anvil for the budget sensitive blacksmith and do you well for many years to come.

*Final Dressing and Custom Finishing Touches to be completed by the Purchaser.*

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Weight 45.359 kg
Dimensions 50.8 × 22.86 × 22.86 cm
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