The PILOT 2×72 DIY Belt Grinder Kit

The PILOT 2×72 DIY Belt Grinder Kit

*Note* PILOT Standard Chassis Package does not include a wheelset.  Wheelset type and available options or upgrades must be chosen at checkout. See list of options below.

Wheel and Upgrade Options:

—Delrin Wheel Set with 5inch drive wheel:   129.00/each

—Aluminum Wheel Set with 5inch drive wheel:  199.00/each

—Aluminum Wheel set with 6inch drive wheel:  218.00/each

—6061 Solid Aluminum Tool Arm Upgrade:  49.00/each

—Neoceram Glass Platen Upgrade-(9-1/2):  49.00/each


We are very proud to announce the availability of North America’s ONLY premium DIY 2×72 Belt Grinder Kit.  The PILOT utilizes a meticulously designed and developed chassis purposely built to withstand any and all tasks associated with Bladesmithing and Fabrication.  You will not find a single “gizmo” or  “gadget”.  The PILOT has everything you could want, with nothing that you don’t need.  The grinder chassis is the heart and soul of your Bladesmithing equipment and is not something you want to trust to the lowest bidder.  The PILOT is an unparalled, ROCK SOLID platform without compromise.

$1,199.00  (CAD)

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The PILOT is made to order.  Current lead time is 10 business days

*Shipping Charges, will be quoted and charged to customer at time of shipping*